Saturday, December 20, 2014

Seasonal Sparkle

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. 
Hubby and I headed off to our local farm shop this morning, which was looking lovely and festive...

I bought myself this small jam jar bouquet from the florist there...  
I'm hoping it will last until Christmas, as the colours will be lovely on the dining table. 
(Seen in the background - Thank you for the lovely handmade card Barbara!) 

Once back home, a little decorating took place...
Using the small wire tree that I used to use in my shop's window at this time of year, I created a little magical corner with some fairies and all of my smallest vintage glass baubles. 

These are the beautiful crystal glass candlesticks that I bought from Belinda in October

Since moving-in the shop's counter under the staircase, I thought a few fairy lights might brighten the area up. 
A bunch of twigs from the garden and the rest of my vintage baubles strung up between the lights look quite pretty here...

And a Christmas tree has arrived in the kitchen...
It too has been strung up with lights, but awaits the rest of the decorations tomorrow, when my daughters and granddaughters come to help...
Can't wait! 
Have a lovely evening,
Niki x

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Yuletide Wreaths

I've been wreath making this week. This small scale wreath is one I created first, using the technique I usually adopt...
In our garden I discovered one large hydrangea flower head left on the bush, which was still fresh and hadn't turned brown...
Split up into florets, it would be just enough to fill the birch base. 

I simply pushed the stalks into the base, to complete the circle. I tied it with a large pale green soft satin ribbon bow, with a narrow ribbon loop for hanging. 
This one I made as a gift for my friend Debbie as a change to the huge one I made last year
She loves greens, so I thought this would be well received, as it will dry well and could be saved and used as decoration after Christmas. 

Its already at home in her lovely cottage.
Then it was onto making one for our front door...
I'd saved some of the twigs and foliage from our woodland walk last week...
After building up a base of evergreen, I wired on lichen and moss covered twigs.
I used the same pale green satin ribbon on this wreath, which highlighted the lovely colours of lichens.
I finished the wreath by wiring on three plastic glittered snowflake decorations. 

It's a little different to last year's wreath-for-free, but I'm kind of liking it! :) 

Welcome to our home,
Niki x

Sunday, December 14, 2014

'Tis the Season...

Thank you to Michele and Jayne for organising a lovely final fair for the year.
The Vintage And Handmade Christmas Fair was beautiful - so much love and effort had been lavished upon every stall, be it on the sourcing of gorgeous stock, the hand-making of treasures or the pretty displays. 
Thank you to all who stopped at my stall and made a purchase. 

There wasn't a lot of time to take photos around the fair, but I snapped a few quick shots of those closest to me...
Michele of Cowboys and Custard 

Bee - Ginger Rose. 
With our daughter arrived safely home from uni now for the holiday, we headed into Bath for our traditional visit to the Christmas Market last night...
Thought you may like to see a few of the sights...

Some stalls.

The Abbey.

Hot chocolate in Jacob's.

Shop window displays. 

Wishing you a peaceful week,
Niki x