Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thank you!

Thanks to Lizzie and Clare for organising another brilliant Vintage Bazaar at Frome yesterday. 
I had one of my best ever - So HUGE thanks to all who stopped-by my stall and made a purchase. It means so much that you appreciate my work and I hope you are happy with your purchases. 
I took a lot of stock with me, which took me to the final minutes until opening time to set up. This meant there was no time left to photograph other stalls, or to buy! There are some photos on the VB FB page here though. (Having said that, I did make a couple of sneaky purchases later on, which I'll try and photograph and add to the end of this post.)
A quick turnaround this week and I'll be back on the road next Saturday to attend the Vintage Bazaar's Textile Fair at North Cadbury. I shall be stripping my shop of all vintage fabrics, haberdashery and related items, offering everything at half the marked price. Hope to see you there - the perfect event for makers and designers!

Have a lovely Sunday - I'm entertaining my in-laws for a few days...
Enjoy your week,
Niki x

Update: As promised, my purchases from this special fair.
Real crystal candlesticks with individually made leaves, wired together - Perfect for our Christmas dinner table. From Belinda - Ginger Rose

Also from Bee was this beautiful worn velvet antique frame. I may use it for one of my framed fairy artworks...but may just keep it for myself ;-))

Two vintage vintage hat decorations which will become fairy wings, from Lizzie

ADORABLE wooden flapper girl, which we think is a darning mushroom! 
From Fi who always has a stunning stall. 

My thanks to Jo for the kitschy plastic dolls...these will become Christmas decorations dressed in vintage lace and trims. 
Niki x

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Autumn Vintage Bazaar, Frome

The Autumn Vintage Bazaar,
Cheese and Grain, Frome
Saturday 18th October
9am to 3pm
(entrance £2)
One of my favourite events of the year...
Here's what I've been creating for my stand over the last few months...
All packed and ready to go are a total of 11 'free-flying' fairies, including two for Halloween...
They are...

And Morgana

Others include Fern
and Flutterby

There are several Christmas/winter fairies...




And Solstice
This is Squirrel in her vintage furs.

And her friend Verity Ferret! 
Nightingale is an elaborate framed fairy artwork.
(all items legally attained in accordance with the wildlife and countryside act of 1981)


Found is a special specimen fairy artwork.
(More details here.)

As is Thimble.
Some of the vintage items coming with me are:
Lovely old crusty frames.
A cute gaggle of softies. 

A lovely hand painting on milk glass of pansies. 

Gorgeous Black Forest carved wood bear cub.
Lots of gypsy pegs which I've tied into bundles with ribbon - These are lovely for displaying quilts and textiles on a wall.
c1920's velveteen pig.
Victorian letter rack.
Cottage print.
Pretty china pieces.

Antique print - perfect for Halloween. 
And a German c1930's hat stand.
Lots more coming with me...Hope you are too!
Off to work now - Have a great day and weekend,
Niki x